Generative AI & Natural Language Processing

We create next-generation conversational AI agents for chat and email automation, as call center assistant and for knowledge retrieval.

Using our proprietary LLM-centered technology we operationalize your business knowledge to enable personalized and highly capable service automation.

Our Generative AI agents deliver exactly the knowledge you want to share while having revolutionary conversational capabilities.

AI Personality “Deutschlandticket 4 Youth” (English VERSION HERE)

AI Personality “Deutschlandticket for adults” (ENGLISH VERSION HERE)


We are a team of veteran AI experts specialized in natural language processing (NLP).

Dedicated to creating next-generation Conversational AI, our mission is to harness the power of cutting-edge LLM technology to deliver business value and user satisfaction.

While we keenly focus on customer service automation and information retrieval we are preparing for development of autonomous virtual call center assistants.

Conversational AI serves omnichannel applications


Chat & Email Automation

Integrate Dialogics to automate chat and email conversations in human-like language quality. Let AI handle the standard communication scenarios and only involve a human when needed.


We create a natural language interface to your business knowledge to facilitate education and research for your employees. Internal users ask in casual language and get expert information to work with.

LLM Technology

We build on cutting edge LLM technology like GPT-4 and Llama 2. Using generative AI, our agents are natural to interact with while maintaining a high quality standard of knowledge management and factual correctness. Our system provides support for English and German language.


Using our proprietary Semantic Search technology we adapt AI to your business by building a knowledge base of 50- >10.000 documents. It is created from unstructured files (various formats) and can be modified on the fly. Our system is easily integrated through our backend API (REST and Websocket).


By using best practice hosting solutions like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure we have a strong focus on GDPR and DSGVO compliance. We employ proprietary models for generating embeddings and vector retrieval instead of using external services.


To enable your usage of cutting edge conversational AI technology we share our expert knowledge with your team. We do workshops and work with you on usecase discovery and greenfield studies.

Case StudIES

According to a study performed by Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), generative AI boosts worker productivity by 14% on average.

Researchers found the lowest-skilled customer-service workers reaped the greatest benefits when AI was rolled out at a Fortune 500 software firm.


A further study from MIT’s Department of Economics found that using ChatGPT increased workers productivity and the likelihood that they would use it in future tasks.

The results show a substantial raise in productivity when doing writing tasks: The average time needed decreased by 40% and output quality rose by 18%.



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programs & PARTNERS

Part of AI.STARTUP.HUB accelerator program winter 2023

We work with Eraneos global Management and Technology Consultancy Group

Supported by Artificial Intelligence Center Hamburg (ARIC) e.V.


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